Cable Management Panels

Comes in two types. 19 inch std in 1U or 2 U with metal clips in front/rear of the rack. Vented vertical cable tray in the back of the rack to route the incoming cables to equipment with the facility to tie the incoming cables properly.

Blanking Panels

Mainly required to maintained appropriate distance between two equipments to insert new equipment as & when required. It comes in 1U – 6U with Std 19 “.

Rack Mounting Shelves

Racks shelves are available in different sizes and depth. The measurement of the shelf depth depends upon your particular cabinet enclosure. Shelves are available in an array of types including. Fixed server rack shelves, Rack mount sliding shelf, adjustable rack shelves, cantilever shelves.

Fuse Panels

Fuse Panel it is a D.C distribution box where – 48V input and output is - 48V in varies Current rating modes and 10 individually protected Out Puts are provided. There is a provision to indicate the failure of the individual fuse as per the circuit requirement.

Power Distribution Systems

The PDU is available with different types sockets and configurations. 5A/15A. They are available in horizontal and vertical mounting models with single phase variants, available in different sizes